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The Lions of My art, healthy and with Big Bellies, Always Prolific!

See them in There Gallery, headed by The Macro Lion Leo, a beast with many tastes.

Leo's Summer Home, A place where he relaxed and shows off his more recent stuff

Leos Spring 03 Party, Many meals will be coming through

Leo The Lion
Quotes. "Roar! Mmm..raur..Gulp... Urrrrppp..."
Leo is the most famous of my macro creatures, His personality is best described as childish playfulness. Leo loves attention and is willing to destroy cities in order to get noticed. Leo loves to play and spends most of his time thinking of new ways to play and then carring them out. While not sadistic toward humans like some other macros Leo maintains a very self indulgent attitude, as long as he is happy he would actually like humans to be happy too, though it is seldom the case that something that gives Leo a laugh or fun is pleasent for the humans. Leo also has a ravenous appetite and has no qualms about eating. playmates after he has finished his new idea. Leo tends to overeat frequently and most of the time carries around a noticeable paunch, sometimes during an extreamly long playtime the stomach actually prevents him from beiging able to walk away, resulting to either crawls around on all fours or going into a very deep slumber to assimilate the contents into his body as a whole, where it will no longer encumber him.

Territory and Followers
Leos Territory is vast, by far the largest because of his activity and his power. Most of his followers worship him as a god for the simple reason that people who worship him tend to get better treatment and survive longer. Leo's worshipers tend to do whatever leo wants, not out of true love but fear of what would happen if they didn't.

RP Information

All Leo Personalities except when noted elsewhere

Leo is a dominating fur, he can be rough when resisted, but adjusts very well for soft domination of willing playmates. Playful to the extreme,  Leo enjoys experiancing new things that don't hurt him. Though he dosen't put much value in the feelings of those smaller and weaker than him he would rather have everyone happy if it didn't take away from his enjoyment(Ie, he doesn't do things just to make others suffer) Leos dominataing aspects become nasty though when he perceives an attack no manner how feeble, his ferocity can be VERY unpleasent for victims.(Note to FFML furs, Leo has learned to control himself pretty well, very rarely having accidents and through that has learned to love a fat snuggle)

Leo The Lion, Wild Leo
Leo is an anthro lion, he is heavy set of build and his arms and legs are exceptionally thick, normally well muscled though after lots of feasting his body loses it's somewhat athletic nature.  Leo has a thick coat of fur, for the most part his fur is a sandy brown, but his stomach and the middle of his chest are a much lighter shade, almost peach. Leos paws have stubby fingers and toes, but exceptionally strong in the grasping aspect. Leo mouth and jaws are some of the most impressive parts of him, he has a much wider and longer tongue for a beast his size, perfect for slurping up dinner or kissing those he loves. Leos teeth are slighly yellowed, his lips when yawning are black but at rest you cannot see them any difrent than the tawny fur around them. not able to get too many dentists to give him a full job before the lion gets fed. Leos Mane is a deep aurburn brown, with redish tones, this same fur forms a tight plume on the end of his long tail. Leos eyes are a light brown shade, and have the aura of playfulness and a love of life. Leos appearance varies with his current state of feeding and his extending succsess at stuffing his face.
It is normal to find him in a somewhat fattened state even if he hasn't got a meal in his stomach, it probably means he has had good hunting the past few weeks and wants to continue the tradition. His arms and legs are not pure muscle here and his belly breaks the streamline of the body even if not carrying any digesting food at the moment
Civilized Leo
same as above, except as follows
arms and legs are well muscled under a certain chunky appearance, he has been working out and has become far stronger than his lazy days of just surviving. stomach has remained a imperfection but it's generally not as obvious unless he has eaten recently. His more active lifestyle has caused digestion and burning of the belly fuel to happen more rapidly. He is more refined and somewhat more intelligent. 

Pred, by special request and consideration prey (I have to know you pretty well. once befrended leo is a pretty open kitty. But don't push him.

Just some basic Size and weights for refrences (lots of muscle under that cuteness) can vary alot.

9 foot Leo, 1000lb

15 foot Leo, roughly 5000 pounds

30 foot leo ,18.5tons(37000pounds)

60 foot Leo 150 tons

120 foot leo, 1200 tons

Smudge the insatiable
Leos Mate, she is somewhat of a tomboy and loves to play with leo and join him in his reveling. She does have a surprising soft side sometimes, and once a human is sniffed by her and accepted as something other than a dinner the human is safe from everyone, Leo won't harm anycreature his girlfreind has selected, and will actually protect them from anyone else. Of course petitioning to be Smudges special human is a very risky sitation, she is as carnivorous and brutal as Leo at times, the qualities that she likes as a companion are fuzzy at best, but unconditional affection is one very strong possibility. Unlike Leo who likes to be hated by humans, Smudge wants people to compliment her and always be there no maner how her lion urges make her devore fellow sentients.

RP Information

Smudge is a lioness that stands on average about 12 feet tall, her body shape is fairly well built and mildly muscular, though she is far more athletically gifted then her form would indicate. She normally walks on her hind legs though sometimes reverts to the more natural quadruped form (This is when she is NOT in a friendly mood, it's a life or death play then). She has greenish yellow eyes with a somewhat stubby muzzle; Along her left cheeks top is a small scar.

Smudges personality runs the gambit between playful, to ferocious to gently, with a strong tendency toward the playful aspects. She likes to play with food before she eats it, ussually terrifing it, the harder a meal struggles the more vigorously she plays with it (So willing food gets a somewhat sedate lioness.) Cool and reserverved she has a very dominating personality, and though she is not into pain and excessive violence she does not treat food as equals( For that look at Minerva) She does have a sexy  feline look that trends to lure people into her jaws

Some of Smudges favrotie foods, Rabbits, small roos, Rats and Mice, Reptiles smaller than her(Not to fond of dragons), and of course the diatary supplement of humans




Haunches is one of Leo's cubs, a problem child from birth he is a mixture of rebelious and idolization of his family, especially his father. He has a definit malicious streak though and unlike leo does not have the ability to sympathise with those he is hungry for. 



Another of Leos Childern, Richia has little of the lions she was begat from, being an aberation in the family who enjoys to be gobbled up, exceptionally playful Ria is disarminly sweet... though she has the occasional playful micheif of course. as she has aged she has gained none of Leo  or Smudges dominating persona and is quite a egaltarian personality. Though no great love for humans no furs need fear when she is about. Even though she has inherited the size change abilities of both parents.. along with there regenerative prowess she prefers to remain at natural lioness size.



The third of Leos Childern, not quiet a runt of the litter but certainly nothing stood out about him, he has deceided to become the flunky of a few of the lesser known macros, Pilliage(Vlads alter ego) is his current mentor. Even with Pilliages viciousness a sense of self preservation has told him not to mess with Leos kids.


Janus, another of Leos cubs, has a bit of a questionable liniage, it is highly speculated that he has a fair amount of hyena in his bloodline. Janus has only minor personality problems and a bit of a unpleasent oder that seems to stick around no matter how much he bathes as his discerning characteristic. 



A pint sized lion, a member of the bronze tribe and as such one of leos frequent enemies

Rp information

A small lion with a rather mean personality, but he is always a victim, a character designated with the "TOY" denomonater, everything he struggles with comes out wrong, there is alot more about him, but thats for good freinds.


Cougars, Mountain Lions, Pumas, all the same thing


Puma eats father and mother on his bed when he wakes up

I can be your mother, i can be your father..
(but you ate them! i could have had you and both of them)*sob*
Then I wouldn't be full.. I would need to be fueled.. by you.., and they are now a part of me forever